Wellness for body and mind

Enjoy peace and serenity


Pure relaxation in the wellness area

Enjoy moments of peace and relaxation

You can sit back and relax in our "Auszeit" wellness oasis. Take time for yourself to pamper your body and let your mind wander. Enjoy the beneficial effects of our Swiss stone pine herbal sauna and the pleasant atmosphere in the aroma steam bath. The Finnish bio-sauna, our salt bath and the Physiotherm infrared cabin offer further relaxation options.

Refresh yourself under our mist shower or the vitality whirlpool showers before refreshing yourself in the Lech Valley spring fountain. Our relaxation oasis and the rock fresh air room invite you to linger. Let our professional masseur pamper you if required. Discover all these amenities for an unforgettable experience at our Hotel Post.


Sweat-inducing sauna sessions

Enjoy the soothing warmth

Our 5 saunas offer a relaxing break for body and soul. In the Swiss stone pine herbal sauna, you can experience the natural atmosphere and the healing power of Swiss stone pine. The Finnish bio-sauna offers a holistic sweating experience that stimulates the circulation and promotes the body's own defences.

The infrared heat cabin offers gentle warmth that penetrates deep into the muscles and relieves tension. Treat yourself to a break from everyday life and enjoy the soothing warmth of our saunas.

Our Salz Stadl sauna offers a particularly effective treatment for colds and skin care. The ultrasonic nebuliser produces a velvety fine brine mist whose particles penetrate deep into the respiratory tract and skin.

The steam bath with herbal and floral aromas increases well-being, stimulates metabolism and helps to detoxify.

Immerse yourself in the restorative warmth of our saunas and experience pure relaxation.

Ceramic heat bench and Kneipp facility

Enjoy the revitalising warmth and health-promoting cold

The ceramic heat bench with Kneipp facility offers a unique opportunity for relaxation and regeneration. Sit on the pleasantly warm bench and feel your muscles relax. The Kneipp system allows you to dip your feet in cold water and stimulate your circulation. This combination of heat and cold has a revitalising and invigorating effect on the whole body. Treat yourself to some time out and enjoy the revitalising effect of this special wellness facility.


Refreshing shower experiences

Enjoy the revitalising Lech Valley mountain spring water

Our wellness centre offers a variety of refreshing shower experiences with natural Lech Valley mountain spring water.

The mist shower envelops you in a fine mist and gently refreshes your skin. The vitality wave showers massage and revitalise your body with powerful water pressure.

The bucket shower offers a tingling experience as cold water is poured over your body from a bucket. These refreshing shower experience are perfect for recharging your batteries and stimulating your circulation after a sauna session.

Experience shower: The shower experience for pleasant cooling after a sauna session with pleasure and fun. Each button offers individual water surprises.

Treat yourself to a revitalising break and enjoy the refreshing water from our shower facilities.

Where body and mind come to rest in harmony with nature.

Pure Lech Valley mountain spring water

Refreshment at the drinking fountain

Our drinking fountain with Lech Valley mountain spring water offers a refreshing source of pure vitality. The clear and cool water springs directly from the surrounding mountains and is rich in minerals and trace elements. The Lech Valley mountain spring water is not only refreshing, but also beneficial to health as it contains natural minerals. Take the opportunity to refresh yourself with revitalising water and recharge your batteries. 


Rest and relaxation

Switch off and relax

Our relaxation oasis invites you to linger and offers you perfect relaxation after a sauna or infrared session. The comfortable relaxation loungers allow you to lean back and let your mind wander.

The rock fresh air room brings you a refreshing breeze of natural freshness and revitalises your senses. Enjoy this soothing atmosphere to harmonise body and mind and recharge your batteries.

In our oasis of calm, you will find the perfect place to find inner peace and fully enjoy your wellness experience.

Your feel-good holiday is waiting!

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